Sunday, January 31, 2016

Performace Smartphones

Windows 10 is being a success, more than 200 million devices with the Microsoft operating system support it. We have seen the operating system for desktop computers, tablets, convertibles and, even, on televisions. Now, thanks to GPF, a manufacturer of portable consoles, could enter it in your field and take it to a 5.5-inch screen.

According to WMPowerUser, hardware manufacturer could be thinking on getting a Windows 10 Home console. In fact, GPF is asking for feedback to users of Dingoonity on the concept that you can see in the pictures. Speculations indicate, too, that it could come with the operating system from Google inside.

The scene refers to the films of Swedish in Benidorm: dozens of men with testosterone in the air watching astonished a few teen taking off her top bikini. But this is not Benidorm in the 1960s, is Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and the performance is part of a vindictive Act known as 'Toplessa├žo'.

 Act, devised by the activist and actress Ana Paula Nogueira held each summer for three years in the famous Ipanema beach to assert the right of Brazilian women to do topless, a rare practice in Brazil. The country that invented the thong of 'dental floss' and applauds enthusiastically to the mulattoes who half-naked parade in the Sambadrome in the days of Carnival cannot tolerate the nipples to the Sun. "It is absurd. This Act is to defend women's right to choose. Me no matter if you want to go with a burka or exhibit you scandalously. But you have to be able to choose", explained to ITV Nogueira, remember that although it is not expressly prohibited by law, in Brazil women showing their breasts are exposed to be denounced by public disorder. In the absence of a specific legal framework are the judges who ultimately decide whether to take the Sun without top bikini can constitute a criminal offence. But which most limits the freedom of women is both the law and the unpleasant feeling of being the center of attention and comments. When it comes to the truth on the beach just a dozen women have been removed the top simultaneously, attracting a curious cloud - men - phone in hand most unafraid to portray the scene. And is that according to the organizers of the event also aims to take advantage of the curiosity aroused to see many women with bare breasts to "expose other prejudices" that still roam freely on the sands of Rio de Janeiro. Thus, in this edition of the Toplessaco wanted to lay claim to the right are women who have had a mastectomy to enjoy the beach without having to endure a condescending looks. Ana Martins is 45 years old and is in the fight against breast cancer.

 On Friday he finished chemotherapy, and before you start the process for the reconstruction of his left chest has wanted to join the movement leaving their scars in view of the world for a few minutes. It recognizes that it is shocking to many people. "Just going in a bikini the other day a child looked at me and cried to her parents a lot. Of course I don't blame you, the problem is that Brazilians do not educate in different.

 And hide the differences is unnatural,"he said. At his side, his friend Vania Videira, nodded and confessed to be excited to be part of this playful protest. "Here I am, with 61 years and showing breasts", said fun. The two say that they have had the sort of access to the private system of health, since in public health women are waiting up to three years to be able to operate. It is not enough to recover from cancer, should recover self-esteem, and it is important that the reconstruction is done as soon as possible, they emphasise the two almost in unison. To highlight the struggle of these women was organized through social networks competition 'Musa rose', which has chosen as miss inspirational to Viviane Oliveira, a 33-year-old teacher that accumulates 18 scars on her right breast.