Sunday, January 31, 2016


Crowdfunding or collective funding available platforms currently help give life to a large number of products of the most interesting that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Today we speak of Skreens, a gadget that allows us to show on one screen up to four different HDMI signals.

In general, one of the main advantages that highlights Skreens is ease of use. In fact, as claimed by the creators of the device, is only necessary to connect it to the TV, turn it on and begin enjoying up to four HDMI signals on a same screen quality 1080 p/60. As a result, we could use it to see pictures from devices such as PlayStation, Google Chromecast, a Blue-Ray player and a Media Center at the same time.

 And not only that, it is also possible to use it to display web content on one side of the screen, as our Twitter or Facebook feed. Therefore we need to connect HDMI cables from these devices to Skreens, which in turn will be connected to the television in which we want to show the images. Another of the strengths of Skreens is the ability to accurately control the way in which the content is displayed and can customize both the size and the position of the image of each signal HDMI connected thanks to the provided app.

Skreens will be available in several different versions. For the moment, is unknown both the official price and the date of availability of the device, although the most economic model that we could book on Kickstarter was available for $179. Then we leave you with the video of presentation of the product:

I've been behind the idea of installing home networking hdmi in order to connect the pc in a room to the living room Tv.

After searching the subject of Hdmi, I see it more than complicated. First because a cable is very hard to meter tubes currugados and second by distance, that would be great.

This is why I thought to do with rj45. Since I have read that there is an adapter rj45 to hdmi that works well. So it would have to use two of these adapters. One before connecting to pc hdmi and the other to the tv hdmi. By the way, that this cable network would go into the same tube where goes the phone. I hope that it does not generate any problem that.
Not be if I'm right, and thus could see mkv, games and others from the pc to the tv with the same quality.

All kinds of suggestions are accepted.
Currently, in a bedroom I have a tv without smart tv or network connection, so that the wall I have brought him an outlet for local network from a switch. My idea would be to connect from tv, an hdmi cable that is already installed by the wall (1.4) which comes next to the socket rj45 I have on the wall.

Now when I want to see some specific content, here connect a laptop. I would like to replace the laptop with a raspberry RP2 and put aside a 2nd decoder Movistar +.

Therefore, having only one male HDMI there, not is if I have to have something in mind or what me recomendais to connect it to the 2nd deco and the raspberry.

I had seen splitters, digital duplicators and multiswitches, but I'd like to me to participate in this if it is necessary to have something in mind like IGMP Snooping Switches ethernet for multicast or that would give me better quality. As you can see, it would need a receptacle for the male of that cable that I have installed and which had two female entrances to put 2 short cables male-male to both devices.