Friday, February 12, 2016

Snapchat Social Media Safety Guide

Snapchat could broaden its range of services by introducing calls and video calls. The information comes from two developers who have found the potential for calls and video calls by looking at the code behind the new version of Snapchat. This means that the app is being carried to the level of rivals Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook Messenger.

The video sharing networks and photos from which the media will automatically delete shortly after being seen. After seeing a large increase in the number of users, the head of Snapchat announced at the end of 2015, the service had arrived to issue 6 billion videos a day. The App also has a function for instant messaging and a limited function for video chat, where we need that both users are connected to the application, and are in the same conversation.

Update the application with the ability to call any contact at all times, both in audio and video chat, Snapchat will become a genuine alternative to the much popular Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger, especially for teenagers and young adults including Snapchat it is already very popular. Another potential function includes "Audionote", thanks to which you can record notes simply dictating the application.
On Snapchat, which questions. If you do not know what we're talking about, do not worry: you probably have more than twenty years. After the big information - National Geographic, CNN, Vice, just to name a few - even the White House has decided to land on the most popular social network for teenagers, with more than 100 million users worldwide. Blog of the White House in charge of digital strategies Joshua Miller explains that add to Snapchat social channels is another way to "meet people where they are" and "give American citizens a number of ways to engage with their government."
What is Snapchat?
The application was created in 2011 by an idea of ​​Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel, Stanford students. You can send messages to friends, photos and videos that disappear after a time determined by the user, which ranges from one to ten seconds. According to figures released by the data based in Los Angeles, in November last year had been sent about six billion videos a day. Also there are the stories feature, which allows you to organize text, photos and video - so-called snaps - which remain visible for twenty-four hours, and live, with whom you can share short videos from around the world on the same theme, such as the one dedicated to David Bowie. In January last year, with about Snapchat discover you can also inform, scrolling through the Vox stories, BuzzFeed, Vice, CNN and the Daily Mail.

The presidential staff will send photo messages, and short behind-the-scenes clips. The first opportunity is the State of the Union, a speech given by the President of the United States of America in front of the Congress convened in sections joined, usually on an annual basis. The speech of President Barack Obama will be streamed on YouTube, and for the first time also on Amazon Video. After the speech the president will be interviewed not by journalists, but three stars of YouTube.

Among the guests who will follow in the stands on the president's speech there will also be the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, the only member of the tech world.